The RV Brand-Core

Our company RV Management
has a brand core that makes us unique:
the three brand values
“Efficiency”, “Trust” and “Vision”.

These core values are complemented
by other brand features – grown
from over 20 years of experience
and reliability in revision management.


With efficient work preparation and meticulous scheduling, we have developed to be one of Europe’s leading providers in the field of revision management. We provide our clients with effective and sustainable, time and cost-efficient turnaround solutions of all types and magnitudes.


Reliability, honesty and personal
support: The human factor plays
a central role in RV management.
We treat our clients as equitable
partners at eye level – and we
also rely on trust through appreciation,
helpfulness and practiced collegiality.


Innovation is our motivation – and
not just with technical services.
Social responsibility, authenticity,
environmental awareness is the basis
of our work, openness and honesty
are the cornerstones of our communication.