Coordination, communication and AS-BUILD documentation

Coordination & Communication

Questions such as “Who knows the location in detail?”, “Who knows where to set up the crane?” Are usually topics that should not be troubling during a turnaround – quite the contrary. Our experienced coordinators take care of the smooth running and are key figures throughout the project. Furthermore, they are the point of contact for all trades and become the link between the various parties. Because they always keep an eye on the goal and keep track of the whole process even by complex projects.

For TÜV inspections, which are usually the main reason for a turnaround, you need TÜV coordinators. To ensure a successful acceptance, you should rely on staff who knows exactly what they are doing. RV Management GmbH consists of highly qualified employees who provide you safety. The TÜV coordinator knows where the apparatus is located, what test should be carried out and whether the container for the pressure test is filled with the test medium or not. The constant exchange of information between the project management and schedule controlling guarantee a promising project.

AS-BUILD documentation

A frequently neglected aspect of the revision is the documentation. We ensure that your process plants comply with the legal requirements and regulations after the revision. Changes to new laws, product changes and process-related innovations mean that you can react precisely and cost-effectively only with an accurate documentation.

The documentation consists of the digital preparation and storage of a steady flow of information and data that you have access to up to date and also in the future. RV Management GmbH has developed solutions for this important area, which makes the next revision manageable.