Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) – Causes and Solutions

Damage under insulation (CUI) is an ubiquitous and costly problem in the operation of process plants. Corrosion damage to pipelines and containers must be identified and remediated, as material failure can cause not only personal injury, but also environmental damages, production losses and increased maintenance costs can be expected.

Because eliminating corrosion damage to insulated equipment is time-consuming and cost-intensive, RV Management provides early damage detection and risk assessment services and develops effective remediation solutions.

There are many causes of CUI. Our experienced and specially trained CUI team knows the problem scenarios, such as changing temperatures, which can trigger the dangerous moisture in insulation or even problematic condensation on piping and equipment.

Our service: We investigate damage and risks through pitting corrosion or leaks under insulation on the equipment. After the identification and documentation, we develop cost and time-efficient measures for new and sustainable water-repellent processed insulation systems or the processing of existing insulation.

Recommended measures include the installation of waterproof and impact-resistant insulation and the use of special insulation techniques that minimize CUI damage.

Let our specialists advise you. We will show you how you can impassively look towards the next revision with a consistent use of DIN-compliant insulation.


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