How digitalization creates transparent workflows


Revision management in times of digitization has led to a difficulty in offering a manageable software from a wide range of providers. Choosing the right software is of decisive importance to your individual Revision project – it must provide all the features needed nowadays and fit the needs of your industry.

RV Management has many years of experience in dealing with many current software products. As a project management tool, we have been using Oracle Primavera for many years and successfully using it with our clients. For the processing of flow diagrams, we rely on AutoCAD P & ID from Autodesk. With the DWG file format, which is widespread worldwide, electronic communication with our clients is unpretentious and importing foreign formats is no problem. In addition, we use the Microsoft Office suite with the classics Excel, Word and Access for cross-platform communication.

IH Manager – our ‘state of the art’ solution for modern Revision management.

Our in-house software company IH Management has developed a software solution that was elaborated and programmed by users of work preparation and revision planning.

The IH Manager combines the best practice features of various isolated solutions centrally in one program. The planning of maintenance measures, comprehensive and central plant documentation of any size as well as the preparation of calculations can be implemented by the IH Manager in one step. Combining multiple work processes into an intuitive workflow simplifies administration and planning tasks. It always ensure information transparency across all trades. 

With an integrated drawing tool for graphic representation of the process plant, incomplete information can be easily visualized by pre-programmed construction and standard parts. With the current programming language and orientation of the software on familiar user interfaces, the IH Manager becomes a reliable database system that meets all individual requirements.

Our employees like to face great challenges – even those that we have not yet encountered. We gladly welcome your challenge.

Controlling and analysis

As the size of a turnaround project increases, so does the cost and demand of controlling and continuous analysis. Even programs like Oracle Primavera reach their limits here specially if, like us at RV Management, we examine and analyze projects from all sides and to the necessary depth.

Therefore, we have developed standardized and customized analysis and controlling tools. We combine data from different database systems and prepare them in an appealing conventional manner and according to our standard in interactive dashboards. Here we not only access “rigid” project data, but also let “live” feedback from all project participants be involved.

Thus, during the “hot” phase of projects, problems can be quickly identified and resolved. But even in the pre-planning phase, our tools support us in achieving our high, self-imposed goals.


Make use of the opportunity of our in-house “Project Cost Controlling Concept”. We create a concept that is individually tailored to your needs, which leads your company to greater transparency of results, services and costs.

In this way we support in monitoring and controlling the project process in terms of goals, deadlines, performance, resources and budget.

Errors are humanly – and in complex processes like a revision they can never be completely obviated. That’s why we’ve created self-regulatory tools with our in-house software solutions. Your benefit: This allows us to identify and fix bugs before they become a problem. By means of transparency, we sustainably increase and improve our quality of work for your mere success.