Why perfect planning is crucial

Work preparation

In order to obtain the operating permit, process plants requiring monitoring must be inspected by TÜV every five years. When production comes to a standstill, inspections are carried out in which all maintenance, refurbishment and optimization measures are implemented at the same time.

With RV Management, you can now approach the next revision with no worries. With our precise work preparation and detailed scheduling, your turnaround will also be implemented cost-effectively.

Fittings lists, Safety Valves Lists, Plant Limit Lists, Material Lists, Master Plans and, and, and …
This complexity makes shutdown planning a challenge for every operator. Every lost day is expensive – and with a variety of different activities and trades and without the necessary experience you lose the overview and time – and thus a lot of money.

Only with careful work preparation and a precise scheduling can a shutdown be accomplished cost-efficiently. For turnarounds of all types and magnitudes, we offer tailor-made full-service. We plan and coordinate shutdowns starting from the creation, verification and updating of your AS-BUILD documentation to the processing of flowcharts and development of standstill manuals to the development of the entire Scope of Work. 

Let our specialists advise you. With innovative software tools and experienced employees, we keep everything in sight for you – and guarantee safe and sustainable solutions.


When does an action take place? What depends on what? Who does what? What happens if? How do we react? The answer is detailed scheduling and taking into account all available resources.

We provide the appropriate software for the forward or backward scheduling as well as the calculation of the buffers and dates, depending on the specification. We usually use Primavera, but we also use other project management tools. A data interface ensures that data can be imported independently of us and exported for you.

The schedule controlling and the associated progress always provide an overview of the project. In addition to the management of data, a coordinated reporting system is part of our scope of duties.

With our precise scheduling we always keep track of your project – and leave nothing to chance!